Storyboarding meetings have been some of our most exciting, lightbulb-moment-inducing, and intense experiences making Rumu.

With the release of some new screenshots, we would like to share with you the storyboards that came before them! Hope you enjoy seeing how these ideas evolved from messy sketches to real things.

This is what most of our storyboarding sessions looked like - scribbling away, while Adam (Design Lead) and Dan McMahon (Writer) worked through the script and level designs.

The first stages of storyboarding Rumu mostly happened by scribbling over early house floor plan models. It is bizarre looking at these now - the house changed so many times over the course of development. (Would you be interested in a dev blog about how we built our house? Tweet us!)


After that we started breaking down chunks of the script into level designs - some of these hardly changed from the early days (the kitchen, for example, is largely the same as our first or second vertical slice) while others we've pulled apart and put back together countless times - that heckin' living room. Below are some before and afters!

The Attic scene is such a beautiful moment, when Daniel McMahon brought it to us in one of the early drafts of the script it was instantly one of our favourite spaces. It still is!

The White Room has changed many times. Ultimately we circled back to the core of the idea - a small, intimate space that could represent Rumu's consciousness. Somewhere quiet and sentimental that reflected his personality and growth. I love the way it ended up, borrowing from the more "human" spaces of the house like the attic and bedrooms to create something soft and tactile.

The Server Room was probably the most fully formed concept from the beginning. We wanted big towering structures and TRON-esque glows everywhere. You'll see a bit of this room in the trailer!

We were obviously very set on the huge volumetric lighting in this space from day 1...

We can't caption this without major spoilers so... [REDACTED]

Rumu's story is the beating heart of this game, and every decision we've made has been in an effort to best deliver it to you.

We can't wait to share it with you soon! Rumu will be coming to Steam before the end of the year. You can see it here:

Robot House Team